Carol T’Pau … with really long hair

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Bjorn Again

Bjorn Again

Bjorn Again…. got to be so popular… they even played the Royal Albert Hall
in 1998

GO here

From the videos it seems that the place was packed and Bjorn Again put
on a great show.


Benny just loves to fool around on stage………


Wow… Agnetha’s lovely long hair…. almost as lovely as the real Agnetha’s hair !




They must have had a great time touring Britain and Europe.. performing the Abba
songs live on stage…………. dressing in those sexy Abba stage costumes.
They must have got permission from Bjorn and Benny to do that also .

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23 April, 2012 02:31

awesome you should check this out wow


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Prince William and Posh

Prince William and Victoria

. Victoria did nt really take to life in Madrid at first and spent a lot of time in England,
meanwhile David spent a lot of time in Madrid with his ‘assistant ‘…. Rebecca Loos.

It was inevitable that Becks would have an affair with Rebecca, she was so charming and attractive…… it was also inevitable that their liason would become public knowledge .

When the news did finally break the subsequent
furore in the British press became a big strain for Victoria and David.

Sometime in early 2005 … after increasingly acrimonious rows and arguements they decided
that it would be best for the children if they separated.

Victoria left their rented villa on the outskirts of Madrid and returned to England with the children. Becks was philosophical about it all he was upset at losing the close family life he d been accustomed to but at the same time he had to carry on …. after all he had football commitments with Madrid that he had to fulfil.

He hoped that Posh would get over his reckless affair and return to him, but in the summer
of 2005 he was shocked when Posh began divorce procedings.

The press were naturally disappointed that they had lost their golden couple, but all the intrigues of the divorce and speculation about Victoria’s new love interest was more than compensating them for their loss.

Victoria was well and truly on the London scene, living in Beckingham Palace and consulting
her solicitors on a weekly basis about just how the Beckham’s properties and fortunes were going to be divided.

One thing was certain in her mind… she was going to claim Beckingham Palace as her and her children’s future home…. on that she would not compromise.

During some high profile celebrity events in the autumn of 2005 it was noticed that Victoria was
on good terms with Prince William.
Whenever they met the Prince made a point of chatting with Victoria and eventually they exchanged telephone numbers.

It was common knowledge around that time, that things were a little strained in the relationship of William and Kate …. they had decided to take a break from each others close relationship.

By the spring of 2006 rumours swept Fleet Street that William and Victoria were having an affair.
It seemed incredible at first, just some wild press speculation… besides there was quite an age difference between them…… 8 years….. !
An 8 year gap is not that unusual between lovers when it is the man who is older, but it is very unusual when its the woman who is 8 years older than her beau….

Inevitably terms like ‘toy boy’ began to be whispered in society….

The great British Public however still dismissed these rumours as press speculation and decided
that Victoria and the Prince were just good friends, nothing more.

As time went on however it became plain that their frequent meetings and secret trists pointed to more than a platonic friendship…. it became obvious that the Prince was infatuated with Posh and that the young man worshiped the very ground she walked on.

By June the press were even speculating that they could get married and one day Posh could reign as Queen Victoria !

Surely the present Queen would never allow such a marriage to take place !
It was unthinkable that an ex- spice girl should become Queen of England and be crowned Queen in Westminster Abbey !…. was nt it ?


However it soon became clear to the Queen , Prince Charles and the Royal Family, that William was determined to marry his Spice Girl and would not be persuaded to change his mind.

Already William was spending long weekends at Beckingham Palace and he was getting on well with
Victoria’s children who obviously adored him.

The press frenzy that ocured when Posh got engaged to Becks was nothing compared to this new Royal romance.
The paps went into a mad frenzy and surrounded Williams car whenever he arrived at Beckingham Palace.
They also followed the couple relentlessly when they went out together.

Eventually the engagement was announced and photographs of the happy couple filled the front pages of every newspaper with the glamorous Posh proudly showing off her expensive Royal engagement ring………..

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Posh at Christmas

4 PM

Let Posh get you in the mood for Christmas



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Danni…. Aussies answer to Sam Fox


Danni could so easily have been Aussie’s answer to Sam Fox
… if only she’d continued with the topless photoshoots …

.. Danni is nt faked in this pic… what you see is what you get


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Legs and Co

If only Sarah,Donna and Carol had left Hot Gossip and joined up with Legs and Co
… that would have been a dream dance group……………


From left to right…. Sarah Brightman… Rosie Hetherington….Lulu Cartwright….. Donna Fielding and Carol Fletcher.

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