Adam Ant

Adam Ant

Watching Adams TV biog on U tube I realised that he had problems with depression even before his pop career.
Despite it all he went ahead … got together a band and became a bit of a phenomona of the 1980s.

Great songs…. great videos… he injected a lot of energy and style into 1980s pop music.
He shocked his band members with how much he was prepared to spend on big production videos… like Prince Charming…2408165762688#

It cost £1000s to make and was a big event back in the 1980s.
It also brought the glamorous Diana Dors back to public attention.


Cant see anyone around on the pop scene these days with Adam’s energy or innovation.

Where are the big video productions like that today ?
If they did a remake, who could take on Diana’s role ?
(maybe Katie Price ? )

Adam deserves a lot of kudos for
what he achieved in the 80s , since then the depression has returned and he’s had a hard time.
We can only hope the poor guy manages to keep on an even keel, there’s a good living out there for him in the nostalgia market… hope he pulls through and gets all the credit and praise he deserves… well done Adam.


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