Patsy Palmer Model

REDROSESPINNINGGIFF.gif picture by lovegodlover

The Walford Gazette

Patsy Palmer….. Model


Report by Mary Jameson………..
Patsy has been doing some modeling in her spare time, with her stunning good looks
it’s easy to see how she was in demand by the model agencies.
I caught up with Patsy in a plush Brighton hotel overlooking the sea.

Patsy , you re looking stunning in this photo shoot for the catalogue, but I wonder how
you fit it all in now you are back at East Enders…

Oh, I can always find the time for something I want to do and as a girl, I always wanted
to be a model.

It seems they have got you modeling a lot of lingerie fashion…. I wonder what your husband thought
of that… !

Oh he loves it, he thinks its a laugh, me modeling for a catalogue… but he knows I want to
do it so its fine.

Would you like to do more modeling ?

Yes and I will, Ive had offers for a new collection which Ill do later this year … all being well.

It would make a good story line in Eastenders…. Bianca doing a bit of modeling to earn
a little pin money …

Patsy… giggles..
Yeah… you re right it would be great, and that way I could combine the two..
hmm you ve got me thinking, Ill have to have a word with the producer !


REDROSESPINNINGGIFF.gif picture by lovegodlover

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