Sarah Ferguson Meltdown !

REDROSESPINNINGGIFF.gif picture by lovegodlover

It all started so well for Fergie… a Royal Wedding
watched by millions around the world…


A mansion in  Sunninghill , Windsor…..


It seemed she had everything … but everything
was n’t  enough  and all too  soon boredom set in.

A string of  affairs followed  including romantic trysts
in the south of  France…..  all  caught on camera !
….. divorce was inevitable.

But life goes on and it soon became clear that
the glamorous redhead was to continue making
headlines  in the newspapers and glamour magazines..


She was  to  continue  jetting  around the world…
living a champagne… celebrity   lifestyle and rubbing shoulders with
the  top celebs

Fergie and  Ivana


Fergie and Catherine Deneuve ..



Fergie  outshining the Hollywood celebs
at the  2004  Golden Globes…..


Forever young at heart…. Fergie was up for a night
on the town with her two teenage daughters…..


…. but the years were passing and in 2009  Fergie hit   50  !

a pic of  Fergie taken a few weeks before her  50th birthday…


How many women look this glam at  50 ?


Everything seemed to be going so well for the irrepressible  Fergie
until   May 2010  when she was entrapped in a hotel room  and filmed
reveiving  £  40,000   in a deal to give a businessman an intro
to her ex husband the Prince.
The  £ 40,000  was just a downpayment for the full figure
of  £500,000   that she was fooled into believing she would soon

The whole  thing   was sordid and seedy  and Fergie has been exposed  as a hapless
moneygrubber… her foolish actions reflecting on the Royal Family  and
Prince Andrew who has perhaps been too lenient  with his eratic ex wife
and has now paid the price.

Where will it all end ? the Queen must be dismayed… if not
furious at her foolish actions… the Duke gave up on her years ago.

Fergie herself must be in meltdown…. and feeling such a  Royal Fool…

No doubt her daughters will comfort her and help her in this
time of humiliation and crisis….
No doubt  she  will eventually bounce back with some
new venture or television project…. but she has gone
too  far this time and few people will have any sympathy
for her  …………poor Fergie has blown it …. bigtime !


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